Home Detention Projects

Integrated Support Services Program (HISSP)

Offenders face a wide range of difficulties when released from prison. They need help in critical areas to support them as they re-enter the community.

This Integrated Support Services Program (HISSP) provides these individualised support services for offenders that are on Home Detention based on their identified needs.

The areas, levels and intensity of support of the program focus on:

  • education, training and Employment
  • housing and independent living skills
  • mental health
  • alcohol and drugs
  • reconnecting with the family and community and
  • various other identified needs.

The level and intensity of support is based on each individual needs and treatment of the offender.

There are two types of service and each offender will be allocated one of the following:

  • settlement support which is up to 4 weeks and
  • intensive support which is a 3 month level of support with possible extension.

Who and what services are provided

Support is provided by non-government or not-for-profit organisation. The current providers are OARS and Anglicare SA.

The provider is responsible to have a staff member as the individual’s case co-ordinator and be the primary contact to the Department of Corrections program partnership.

There are certain case coordination requirements these include:

  • assessment
  • referral and service brokerage
  • holistic case planning and establishment of participant relationship
  • coordination of the case plan
  • direct and indirect monitoring of offender engagement in relation to the service provided
  • support, facilitation and service provision
  • crisis intervention and
  • advocacy.

How are the referrals made?

Referrals can be made Pre-Release from custody or Post-Release for someone who is already on a Home Detention Order.

All referral forms must have the consent and signature of the prisoner or offender.

They are then forwarded to the HISSP provider for action.