The Victims’ Register

The Victims’ Register is where we collect the contact details of victims, their eligibility and with which particular crime they were involved.

A victim on the register has access to more services and information than a general member of the public.


If you are the victim of an offence you are eligible to be placed on the DCS Victims' Register. You can also be eligible if a person dies as a result of the crime and you are part of their immediate family.

The offender must also be in prison or under a supervision order in the community.

We can sometimes help those who have not been directly impacted by the offence in question.

For example when you have given evidence in court or you are victim of domestic violence and the offender is in prison for an unrelated crime.

Each case will be slightly different but we will help where we can. If you have questions you should contact us.

You are not eligible if you committed or took part in the crime.

How to apply

You can  apply online using the online victims registration form or alternatively you can download and fill out one of the following forms:

Your details will be checked and we will also contact the police to check your eligibility.

If someone in prison is released into community supervision and you are already on the Victims' Register you do not need to fill in another form. We will keep you up to date.

If you wish you can organise someone to represent you. You have to notify us in writing if you want somebody to represent you.

If the victim is under the age of 18 a parent or guardian must be nominated.

Concerns about the Victims’ Register

The offender will not be told you are on the Victims’ Register. If you have any concerns please contact us for help and advice.

What happens next

We will keep you up to date and give you accurate information about the prisoner or offender. The Parole Board will also be notified of your registration. If there is a problem with your application we will contact you as soon as possible.

Approved applications

Once approved we will provide information in variety of ways for different reasons.

We will send out standard updates by mail and email. We will also phone and write to you regarding urgent matters and consultations.

Registered victims may phone the Victims Service Unit at any time for advice and updates.

Further information

Victim Services Unit
Telephone: 08 8226 9704