Housing assistance

In addition to the specific 'Access to Housing' programs DCS provides support and advice to all prisoners regarding housing issues.

Reintegration and exit -  case management

Prisoners are continually monitored with regular case reviews Through care issues are addressed where identified.

This may include:

  • making appropriate referrals
  • providing assistance with housing (including gas and power ammenities)
  • banking and finances
  • transport
  • applying for types of personal identification
  • and anything else that may assist the prisoners with their rehabilitation and reintegration back into society

Collaboration with other areas [such as the Intervention Unit, Community Corrections, Volunteer’s Unit and any other relevant internal or external agency] is maintained to maximise the efficacy of the case management process.

Who does this

The Case Management Coordinator invites the relevant stakeholders to a case meeting  to identify and organise the required support.

What sort of meetings

Case meetings are scheduled regularly depending upon sentencing lengths and remand status. As a general rule they are every 6 months unless there are changes in the prisoners circumstances.