Spotlight on Jodie Hobart - Community Corrections Officer - North East Community Corrections

  1. When did you join Correctional Services?
    I joined Correctional Services whilst I was doing my final placement in the Courts Unit as a Court Report Writer. I commenced doing the administration role one day per week. My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Psychological Science I then completed a postgraduate Masters in Social Work
  2. What have you enjoyed most about your time with Correctional Services so far?
    The responsibilities, the opportunities to put my degrees into practical use and the chance to work one on one with offenders whilst still being able to author reports.
  3. What you think makes corrections a great place to work?
    I believe that an organisation is as good as the people that work there. I have some great colleagues and have formed some strong supportive friendships.
  4. Any advice for those thinking about a career with corrections?
    If you want something badly enough, then don’t give up; and if one door closes there is always another open one.
  5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
    Sleeping, cooking, reading, down time with my son, socialising with friends and family, and binge-watching Netflix.