Smokefree Prisons Strategy

All South Australian prisons and prison grounds will be smoke free by the end of 2019. A specific date is yet to be determined.

Tobacco smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in Australia.

The Smokefree Prisons Strategy is being implemented to promote a healthy and safe environment for staff, prisoners and visitors.

The Smokefree Prison Strategy will be implemented in a structured, planned approach.

Once the policy is implemented, tobacco and lighting devices will officially become contraband. Our current methods of stopping other contraband entering our prisons will be adapted and prisoners and visitors attempting to introduce tobacco or lighters will face disciplinary action.

A range of supports to assist prisoners quit smoking and will be seeking staff input on what they think will work best for them.

For any further questions or feedback on the strategy you can email:


  • Download: Smokefree Prisons Strategy - visitor flyer (267.3 KB PDF)