About Home Detention

Home detention can either be applied as:

  • Release ordered Home Detention – where an eligible prisoner is already serving a sentence of imprisonment or
  • Court Ordered Home Detention – where the court sentences the offender to be supervised on Home Detention orders.

Home detention allows offenders and prisoners to live in the community under strict supervision at a nominated location. The offender must not leave that address without approval.

The location of the person on Home Detention is strictly monitored by an electronic monitoring device.

A person on Home Detention can leave the approved residence to attend pre-approved locations such as:

  • paid employment
  • study course and programs
  • medical appointments or
  • other purposes approved by a case manager.

Pre approved locations will be detailed in the offender's plan. The offender can discuss extra passes with their community corrections officer. This can only be approved by their manager.

A person on Home Detention is expected to stay at home these additional passes are carefully managed and will always be checked in advance.


A person on Home Detention must not leave the residence without prior approval.

If urgent medical treatment is required the 24hr Monitoring Centre must be contacted on 1300 796 199