Before booking a visit

Before you can book a visit you must be on the prisoner's Nominated Visitor List.

The prisoner is responsible for supplying the names on this list and for any changes or additions.

There is no limit to the number of people a prisoner can add to this list.

This list contains:

  • the full name of the visitor
  • the address of the visitor
  • the date of birth of the visitor
  • the relationship between the visitor and the prisoner

Children must also be on the Nominated Visitor List. We will not allow people who are not on the list into the visit session.

If you are not on the list you may write to the prisoner however it is the responsibility of the prisoner to add you to their list.

Prisoners have the right to remove people from their Nominated Visitor List.

DCS must review and approve the names on the Nominated Visitor List before a visit booking can be made.

Who can't visit a prisoner

You cannot visit a prisoner if:

  • you are a former prisoner who has been released from prison within the past 12 months – unless approved by the Chief Executive
  • if you have an Intervention Order in place prohibiting contact
  • you are a known member or associate of a criminal organisation
  • you have been restricted from visiting a prison by DCS – this may be because of previous behaviour issues. If you have been restricted from accessing a prison and you think this is an error – you can write to the department asking us to review your case.