The first visit

We understand that the first visit to a prison will be a daunting experience for most people. We are focused on making sure that our prisons are safe and secure.

Your first visit will require your details to to be logged into our system.

Some biometric details will be recorded and you will need to have the correct identification to pass our 100 point check.

The 100 point check

The department uses a system called the 100 point check to establish proof of identity.

This system is used for prison visitors, and during recruitment of new staff.

Only original documents or copies certified by a Justice of the Peace are accepted as proof of identity. P

Please note: DCS cannot currently accept online or digital forms of identification (ID). Visitors must supply original hard copy photographic ID.

The documents must total at least 100 points and more than one document will be required to achieve the required total.

At least one of the documents must be one of these approved photographic ID:

  • any current passport
  • Defence Force Identity Card issued by the Australian Defence Force, showing same current name and photo or signature
  • Australian Driver Licence – current state or territory issued driver licence with photo
  • Proof of Age card - current state or territory issued proof of age card with photo
  • Australia Post Keypass ID
  • current Shooter or Firearm Licence showing signature and/or photo and current name
  • current Security Protection Industry or Crowd Control Licence, showing signature and/or photo

Identification is split into the following groups.

Group A - Each of these documents is worth 70 points
The documents may be in your name or a former name but must include current address.

  • Any Current Passport
  • Defence Force Identity Card issued by the Australian Defence Force, showing same current name and photo or signature
  • Australian Driver Licence – Current state or territory issued driver licence with photo
  • An original or a certified copy of an Australian Birth Certificate, extract or birth card
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • Australian visa, current at time of entry to Australia as resident or tourist, showing your name/former name
  • (DFAT) Document of Identity issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status (Form 283) issued by the Department of Immigration and Resident Status (DIAC) Citizenship
  • Certificate of Identity issued by the Australian Government to refugees and non-Australian citizens for entry to Australia
  • Australian Defence Force discharge papers
  • Current shooter or firearm licence showing signature and/or photo and current name
  • Current security protection industry or crowd control licence, showing signature and/or photo
  • Australia Post Keypass card.

Group B - Each of these documents are worth 40 points

  • Bank/Financial Institution card, current ATM, credit or debit card showing your name and signature\
  • Australian divorce papers in your name/former name (e.g. Decree Nisi, Decree Absolute)
  • Up to 3 school/education qualification certificates for different years in your name/former name (school/TAFE/university/Registered Training Organisation [RTO])
  • Australian Marriage Certificate
  • Legally drawn mortgage papers for an Australian residence in your name/former name
  • Legal change of name certificate or deed poll certificate
  • Centrelink Card
  • Registration certificate from a national or state/territory professional registration board
  • Current Australian trade certificate in your name/former name. Must be signed by issuer or claimant
  • Current Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card issued in your name
  • Current Proof of Age card issued in your current name.

Group C - Each of these documents is worth 25 points

  • reference from an Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander organisation showing referee’s full Organisation details and length of time they have known you
  • current student ID card issued in your name with signature and/or photo (school/TAFE/university/RTO)
  • PAYG payment summary, less than 2 years old, with tax file number
  • current insurance renewal for house, contents, vehicle, boat, crop insurance in your name and showing current address
  • current formal residential tenancy agreement or lease in your name and showing current addres
  • current Medicare card showing your name
  • current motor vehicle registration showing your name, current address and proof of payment
  • official correspondence addressed to you such as a public utility account (e.g. gas, water, electricity), council rates, bank statement or similar

Biometric Enrolment System

A Biometric Enrolment System [BES] is used in some of our prisons.

This system uses iris or fingerprints to confirm identity of all individuals entering and exiting the prison.

All visitors (over the age of 18) to a site that has this facility installed will be biometrically enrolled into the system on their first visit.

You only need to be enrolled into the system once. The system data is used across the other sites that have the equipment.

All visitors to a site will then be biometrically scanned into and out of all institutions that have this facility on each visit

The iris scan is used as the primary means of identification and finger scanning is only used where an iris scan is not a suitable option.

This information is primarily used to confirm identity of a visitor and that the visitor matches the details supplied in making the visit booking.

The department holds this information in a secure database system. The data is not stored in a usable format but as an algorithm.

We have processes in place to protect the information we hold from misuse, interference and loss from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.