Consultation on a new Action Plan for the next Women Offenders Framework is now open.

The Strong Foundations and Clear Pathways: Women Offender Framework and Action Plan 2014-2019 established a policy direction and change agenda for DCS in its work with women intersecting with prisons and community correctional centres.

At 30 June 2019, the five year action plan that has driven the Women Offender Framework (WOF) comes to a close and consultation is occurring on the next action plan.

The next five year action plan provides opportunity to build on and further refine reforms, to consolidate activity, while also providing scope for new initiatives.

Future activity will continue to be framed by current strategy and objective areas within the Strong Foundations and Clear Pathways Framework:

Objective 1:        Deliver a correctional service for women

Objective 2:        Deliver programs to meet the diverse needs of women

Objective 3:        Workforce recruitment, training, development

Objective 4:        Gender responsivity in correctional policy and planning

Objective 5:        Pathways and linkages

Stakeholders and partners are encouraged to engage in the consultation and provide feedback and suggestions for future work with women, as per the Five Year Outcomes & Consultation on a new Action Plan 2019-2024.

The A/Principal Advisor Women Offenders will also be attending a series of stakeholder forums over May 2019.

Please send through your comments to by 31 May 2019.