This week is National Volunteer week, an opportunity to recognise the generous contribution of our nation’s volunteers.

This year’s theme is ‘Give a little. Change a lot'. It represents the millions of volunteers who make a profound impact in their communities and on society, through giving a little time.

DCS currently has 130 volunteers working across our prisons and community correctional centres. Our amazing volunteers provided around 15,000 hours to DCS over the past year!

Our volunteers come from all walks of life – students, parents, retirees, nurses, school teachers – and the services they provide are as varied as their backgrounds. They play a vital role within the department, from visiting prisoners and assisting with release into the community through to transport and mentoring. The volunteers work with staff to provide programs with a focused rehabilitative approach and provide an individualised support service to prisoners and offenders, supporting the department in achieving our goal of reduced recidivism.

A big thank you to all of our outstanding volunteers for all the great work they do.

If you’d like to find out how you can volunteer with DCS contact our volunteer unit on 8440 3608 or visit the volunteer unit page for further information

Volunteer profiles

Phone: 8440 3608