Services and support provided to victims

If you are a victim of crime you are entitled to receive information and services about the crime and the person who committed the crime. Confidentiality provisions within the law prevent a lot of this information from being released to the public.

If you’d like to receive this service you will need to be on the Victims’ Register.

Registration is voluntary and not an automatic process.

Once on the register the Victims Services Unit will be able to provide you with information when the person is in prison, eligible for parole and if they are under community supervision.

Information received when the person is in prison

  • sentence details in relation to imprisonment and community based orders
  • which prison the prisoner is accommodated in
  • any escape from custody and
  • when and under what circumstances a prisoner is eligible for release from custody (including Bail, Home Detention, Parole, Bond, sentenced served and re-socialisation and work release .

Information when the person is eligible for parole

  • offer consultation about “no contact” conditions and exclusion zones
  • take action to prevent offenders living close to victims
  • discuss how to make a written submission to the Parole Board and
  • advice on other protections available to victims.

Information received when the offender is under community supervision

  • sentence details in relation to community based orders
  • the successfully completion of community based orders and details on any imprisonment or return to custody during the order or
  • parole and home detention conditions relevant to the victim.

We will also be a point of contact – so that you can express your concerns and seek advice.

Criminal Injury Compensation

We have no involvement with Criminal Injury Compensation matters.

For information about compensation for criminal injury you can contact

Further advice

If you’d like further advice please contact the Victim Services Unit.

Telephone: 1800 370 550

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